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cic-01There are many styles of amplification and several factors which may determine the most appropriate type for an individual. It is typically dependant upon the level of hearing loss, hearing loss configuration and various lifestyle factors. All hearing aid styles and manufacturers are available at our office.


Open Fit
open-fit-1open-fit-2cie-1Open fit hearing aids are most typically tiny devices which are discreetly situated behind the ear with a very small-diameter clear tube delivering the amplified sound into the ear canal. They significantly reduce the feeling of having something in your ear since most of the hearing aid lies behind the ear. They are a hybrid device which uses both the remaining natural hearing of the individual, coupled with the amplification that the person requires. They are high-frequency emphasis hearing aids, most often suitable to those who have permanent hearing loss as a result of presbycusis (loss due to aging) or noise exposure. They have an average battery life span and can be available in rechargeable models as well. Open fit hearing aids are somewhat newer in terms of style and technology and are the most popular and common style of amplification worn today.


Invisible in canal (IIC)
SHI-Image-Catalogue-Dec2012-20 05cie-2IIC hearing aids are an even tinier version of CICs.  Because they are several millimetres shorter in their length they have a more recessed appearance from the ear canal entrance view.  Their battery life is shorter than average.  Best suited for mild to moderately-severe hearing losses.


Completely-in-canal (CIC)
18cic-1CIC hearing aids are custom-fit to reside entirely within the ear canal with no visible protrusion into the outer portion of the outer ear.  They are very discreet and simple to insert.  They can provide excellent high frequency amplification due to their closer proximity to the eardrum. Their battery life is shorter than average due to their smaller size.  Suitable for mild to moderately-severe hearing losses.


In-the-canal (ITC)

itc-2itc-1ITC hearing aids are fully customized  and cosmetically appealing to fit even more discreetly within the outer and innermost ear canal.  Ideal for mild to severe hearing losses, they are the most popular of the custom styles. They have an average battery life span.


In-the-ear (ITE)
ITE-1ITE-2ITE hearing aids are fully customized to fit comfortably and securely in the ear canal. They are visible in the outer portion of the ear canal and are blended to match with the individual’s skin tone. ITE hearing aids can be suitable for a wide range of hearing losses from mild to severe in nature.


Behind-the-ear (BTE)
bte-1bte-2BTE hearing aids also reside behind the ear, however they tend to have a slightly larger diameter tubing which is connected to a fully customized earmold which fits comfortable in the ear canal. These extremely durable hearing aids are typically larger than their open fit behind-the-ear hearing aid counterparts, but are also better able to accommodate a greater level of hearing loss/configuration. They also tend to have a slightly larger battery size which lasts slightly longer than average and is easier to handle for some patients. They can also come with a charging devices to eliminate the need for replacing batteries for those with dexterity issues or an active lifestyle.